CD'13 provisionnal field trips

1 - Half-day field trip: Boat trip in the Arcachon Lagoon

- Visit of the variety of morphological features of the lagoon: inner channels and tidal mudflats, Ile aux Oiseaux (the unique island with typical pilotis huts and oyster farms), the Cap Ferret peninsula, the ebb tidal delta including the Arguin bank and its field of superimposed sandy megaripples

ArguinIle aux oiseauxLagon

2 - Half-day field trip: Beaches and Dunes

- Visit of the Great Dune of Pilat: at the (107-m high) summit the view is spectacular with the ocean beaches, the inlet, the pine forest and (if the sky is very clear) the Pyrenees Ranges
- Visit of Biscarrosse Beach and surroundings: dune and sandbar systems, high-energy waves and rips

Pyla1Sandbars and dunesPyla2