Monday, June 24th:

Two short courses will be offered on Monday, June 24th 2013, prior to the start of the full conference. Each short course will be conducted from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm:

- 8:00-9:00 : registration
- 9:00-12:30 : Courses (+ one coffee break)
- 12:30-14:00 : lunch in neighbouring restaurants
- 14:00-18:00 : Courses (+ one coffee break)

Below is a list of short courses offered:

1-Selforganized morphodynamic patterns in the nearshore
(Read more here)
Instructors: Albert Falques (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain), Giovanni Coco (IH Cantabria, Spain), Huib de Swart (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and Nicholas Dodd (University of Nottingham, UK)

2-Modeling, experiments and case studies of long wave processes in coastal areas (Read more here)
Instructors: David Lannes (Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris, France), Eric Barthelemy (Grenoble University, France) and Stephan Grilli (University of Rhode Island, USA)