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Tokai, Tonankai and Nankai massive earthquakes

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Lidar data for classification and scientific monitoring in coastal areas

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Tidal effects on runup in the presence of complex 3d morphologies and dissipative surf zone conditions

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Updated "grab and dump" model for sediment transport under acceleration skewed waves

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Wave setup and watertable overheight in the Cigu Sand Barrier (Taiwan) during the Talim Tropical Storm

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Interaction between oscillatory boundary layer flow and a permeable bed

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The sand engine: a solution for the Dutch Delta in the 21st century?

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The tidal wave system in the Chinese Marginal Seas

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Vorticity evolution and related low-frequency motions on a rip-current with a non-uniform alongshore wave forcing

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Image-based monitoring of dynamic morphology change around the Shimada River Mouth facing the low energy coast

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Observation of shoreline positions in a littoral cell with X-band radars

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The effect of bed slope to the tsunami intrusion into rivers

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Development of transient to equilibrium bay shape

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Three dimensional modelling of wave-current interactions in the coastal zone with a fully coupled system

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Observations and modeling of transverse finger bars

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On the study of boundary layer sediment transport processes using new developmental acoustic techniques

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Role of short and long-wave interaction on wave celerity in the surf zone of a low-sloping beach

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Large morphological change linked to the sediment budget in the Rio Grande do Sul Coast

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Low-frequency wave attenuation on muddy seabeds

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Salinity and suspended sediment dynamics in response to forcing changes in a small macrotidal estuary (Charente, France)

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Wave boundary layer dynamics on a low sloping laboratory beach

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